Led Lightning and The effect on the Environment

Led vs Halogen

Lately, there has been a lot of awe about switching to led lights in your home, and even street lighting

The age-old question remains. Is it really worth it?  Now when taking into consideration that an led light bulb costs an average of $8 as opposed to halogen at an average of $1.25 per light bulb

Saving on electricity bills

But here’s where the real savings come in. Do you have an office at home? Or perhaps you always forget your bathroom lights switched on? Then if you leave a 100w old bulb switched on for a week this will cost you an average of $6 to $12 depending on where you are living. So within a week basically you get all your money back in electricity savings. Led lights are the way of the future. Task Elon Mask. He is creating some great stuff at Tesla helping homeowners go off-grid by installing a lithium-ion battery at their home. Thus they do not have to rely on connecting to an electric company.

A final word of advice

Stop seeing short-term think long term.


Five reasons why digital signage is useful for your business

Digital signage is a new mode of marketing that has come up as a result of the advancement of technology. Initially, it was thought to be beneficial for only large businesses, but it suits all types of businesses. There are numerous advantages to embracing digital signage in any business.

A business does not only get the opportunity to market itself. It creates the ability to compete with leading brands in the industry. Marketing is the only way for a business to grow. What better way to market than to use an efficient and affordable method?

Here are five reasons why digital signage is useful for your business.

Helps to increase customer engagement

The signage with touch screen platforms help to engage the clients who come across the positioned screens. Basically it is a modern way to market your business and grab people’s attention.  They can take photos, upload to their social profiles and give information about your brand. Furthermore, you can use certain software to get information on your customers to keep in touch often.

For example, a database of email addresses that will enable you to inform on the new products and any discounts. The great thing about the form of communication is that the users have provided the emails without persuasion proving them a loyal audience.

Easy to install and manage

Unlike static forms of advertising, digital signage is dynamic. The installation is quick. To ensure quality, seek a leading digital signage company such as FM Digital group that design and set up the system to suit your needs. Most of the media operates throughout the day without the need to have employees around.

Also, changes to the information being displayed can be effected in real-time without re-installing. Many refer to digital signage as a set it to forget it system. This is because once a proper location is identified and the signage is put up, all you have to do as a business is wait. Using the information provided customers will reach out to you.

Saves time and costs

Like I mentioned earlier, digital signage does not require having your employees on the ground. Also, one person can handle the changing of information when necessary. This significantly saves the costs, and the employees can use the time to handle other business activities.

The time required to market the business is greatly maximized since customers get vital information regarding the business in a short period. This is because the rapid movement on the screen is faster when compared to a user reading a pamphlet or an overview given by a sales agent.

It is an effective marketing tool

Digital signage as a marketing tool reaches a wider audience since it instantly captures the attention of customers no matter the location. Moreover, it enables the business to get and engage a target audience interested in what the business has to offer. For example, the users who are involved are usually repeat customers or individuals interested. Signage in the office, keeps the visitors occupied and informed.

Leads to growth of business

Since the form of marketing is effective, it creates significant leads to the business. The leads, in turn, convert into business for the organization. More business leads to the growth of the business. Furthermore, digital signage is durable and marketing is continuous making the increase of the business progressive. Customers not aware of the business will get informed through the advertisement or referral.

From the five reasons, you can see that is crucial for you to incorporate digital signage into your business. You will not only save time and costs but also facilitate the growth of the business by reaching and engaging more people.

LED spotlights explained

LED Spotlights Explained

Try to take at look at any bedroom, kitchen, or living room. Most likely, you will find at least one spotlight gracing the ceiling. Spotlights are modern, very convenient to replace, and most of all, they are versatile. That’s probably why they have been increasing in popularity over the years. A spotlight’s versatility can be determined by its color and beam angle. For instance, if you are looking for ambient lighting, you might want to go for wider beam angles and warmer colors since the light will be dispersed over a wider area. Meanwhile, if there are certain fixtures in the room that you would like to highlight, narrower angles and cooler colors are the way to go. These are especially useful in public and commercial settings.

LED spotlights overview

If you do not know yet, LED technology is taking over the lighting industry now, and almost every light bulb design has a corresponding LED alternative. LED bulbs are available now all over the world – and yes, there are LED spotlights now as well.

Simply put, there’s really not much difference between LED spotlights and your existing halogen or incandescent spotlights in terms of how they look and how they work. It’s just that LED spotlights make use of modern LED technology as their main light source. By using LED spotlights, you will experience a lot of benefits, such as lower electricity bills, reduced replacement costs, and the rewarding feeling that you are helping conserve the environment.

Why should I choose LED Spotlights?

Perhaps, a lot of people are not yet switching to LED bulbs because of the lack of information, as well as the misconception that LED costs more and simply inferior to other lighting technologies. There might be some truth in this a couple of years ago, but times have changed and LED technology has significantly improved. Now, LED bulbs are able to successfully give off the same brightness and warm glow of your older filament bulbs – all the while lowering your lighting bill for up to 90 percent.

LED spotlights may initially cost more than other options upon purchase, but you will soon find out that it’s all worth it because LED lights are durable and they are designed to last for up to 20 years. Generally, LEDs make use of only around 10 percent of the energy of incandescent bulbs. LED bulbs can last up to 15-50 times longer than other types of light bulbs, which means that there wouldn’t be that much need to have them replaced.

Why does Color Temperature matter?

LED light bulbs are capable of recreating so many colors. They can give off a warm white light, while they can also mimic a brighter, cooler, and whiter glow. A LED light’s color temperature is measured in Kelvin. The lower the measurement, the ‘warmer’ the temperature is. If you want to recreate the glow of an incandescent bulb, it is ideal to go for a warm white bulb that measures between 2700k and 3000k. This is best for homely surroundings where you want to keep the vibe cozy. Meanwhile, if you are looking for whiter light, then you should opt for cool white and daylight LED spotlights.

Can LED spotlights be dimmed?

Absolutely! You can dim LED spotlights as easily as you would dim any incandescent or halogen light bulb. However, there is a different set of circumstances needed to dim them properly. To know all about them, you can just check out some dimming guides.

Almost all light shops now offer LED lights and it is not really that hard to find them. However, you should still make sure to buy high-quality ones to enjoy all the benefits of LED lighting. You may check out Sonica LED Spotlights to see a wide range of options.

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