Scuba Diving Gear for Malta

What equipment do you need to purchase before going for a dive??

If you are thinking about trying scuba diving, the first thing you have to consider seriously is the scuba diving gear you will have to wear. The colourbox price of your gear depends on the quality. Keep in mind that you are better off purchasing reliable gear because you will be underwater and if something goes wrong you can literally die. You need the gear to be perfect and durable. Sites like have so many options to choose from. If you are new, the options may be a little too much for you. This guide will give you the basics in the choice of the right scuba diving gear for yourself.

The mask

Why is the mask so important for a scuba diver? Well, it creates an air space in front of your eyes. This allows your eyes to focus while under the water. There is a packet at the nose area that allows you to equalize the air pressure in your mask as you dive deeper into the water. Because of its critical function in making your dive fun and interesting, you need to choose the right mask.

When choosing the mask, look up to the ceiling with the straps unattached. If the mask fits comfortably without any gaps, it is a great buy. Inhale gently while facing forward, does the mask seal easily on your face? Masks usually vary in prices. There are some that have a broad range of features that make the mask more comfortable to use. Light colored covers skirts allow more light to get in and make seeing underwater easier and efficient.


This is a critical gadget in your diving suit. It helps you breathe underwater and conserve the air in your tank when you are on the water’s surface. The mouthpiece of the snorkel needs to feel great when in your mouth. It should also breathe easy and dry. A bigger one is not necessarily a great one. The bigger it is, the more drag it creates under water. It is always critical to choose one that is easy to use, and that is durable and has a simple make. If you are not doing a lot or snorkeling, you can buy a cheap one that will be used just in case.


These are the best way to move underwater. Perhaps this is one of the reasons why fish do not have legs. Flippers translate power from your leg muscles and allow you to move efficiently and effectively under water. You should know that water is 800 times denser than air. How efficient your fins are will depend on how big they are, they design and how stiff they are.

If you have stronger hip and leg muscles, stiff fins will be useful to you. Smaller for flexible flippers are perfect for smaller divers. It is always important to ensure that straps and buckles are easy to use and adjustable. The right pair will keep muscle fatigue and cramps at bay allowing you to have a great time scuba diving.

Exposure protection suit

Water can rob your body of heat 25 times faster than air can. The thickness and the type of exposure suit you buy will depend on the diving conditions you will be exposed to. Certain suits will help maintain your body heat but will not be helpful in protecting you from stings and scrapes. Ensure that the suit can keep out water and provides adequate insulation from heat loss.

In Malta, there is a lot of safety equipment that will help divers in cases of emergency like the compression chamber for example. You can visit mater dei hospital for more info